IFDC Report, Volume 25, No. 2

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This report presents a case study on the positive impact of the Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) project conducted by IFDC-Africa in Togo. The study focuses on the experiences of Togbe Sodjedo, a rice farmer, who has witnessed significant improvements in his quality of life through his participation in the project. The report highlights the profitability of rice farming as the primary activity for Sodjedo and the various benefits it has brought him, including the construction of a house, acquisition of additional land, purchase of agricultural equipment, and support for his family. The study also details Sodjedo's agricultural practices, such as crop rotation, fertilizer application, and the use of natural rock phosphate. Furthermore, the report discusses the strategies promoted by the ISFM project, including participatory development of soil conservation and fertility improvement methods, rural organization and institution building, and input and output market development. The importance of proper site selection and participatory approaches for institutional development and farmer-private sector-policy maker linkages is emphasized. The report emphasizes the role of IFDC-Africa in collaborating with partner institutions, such as national agricultural research and extension services and non-governmental organizations, to achieve the project's objectives. Overall, this case study highlights the transformative potential of ISFM projects in improving farmers' livelihoods and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. It underscores the need for collaborative efforts and appropriate policies to address soil fertility issues, enhance farmers' access to inputs, and create favourable market conditions in sub-Saharan Africa. The findings of this study contribute to the broader goal of IFDC in increasing and sustaining food and agricultural productivity in developing countries through effective soil nutrient management and agribusiness expertise.
Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Soil fertility, Rural development