IFDC Magazine, Volume 40, No. 4

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This magazine focuses on the critical role of market linkages in agricultural development, an aspect often overshadowed by discussions on soil fertility, environmental sustainability, and innovation. By emphasizing the importance of connecting farmers with viable markets, the magazine highlights the need to shift from subsistence agriculture to building thriving agricultural businesses. The article emphasizes that feeding a growing global population and ensuring food security requires increasing food production and establishing sustainable market systems. Critical factors for successful market development include surplus crop production, reliable infrastructure, and favourable policy environments. The magazine showcases initiatives and projects by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in various regions, such as sub-Saharan Africa, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Mozambique, that aim to strengthen market linkages, improve yields, and empower smallholder farmers. It underscores the crucial role of vibrant markets in supporting farmers, increasing their incomes, and supplying society's basic needs. By addressing market access challenges and promoting innovative approaches, the magazine highlights the significance of strong market linkages for achieving social, economic, and environmental stability in the agricultural sector.
Briquettes, Cotton, Business enterprises