The Effect of Fertilizer Combinations on Growth, Yield and Economics of Potato Production

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Despite potatoes being an important crop that contributes to food security and is a source of income for smallholder farmers, their yields remain low. Factors that contribute to low yields are poor soil fertility and low adoption of technology. PNSP aims to address these challenges. AS research conducted in the first season of 2021 aimed to tackle the challenges in soil fertility by using various fertilizer combinations to improve yields and increase the economic benefits for farmers. The objective of the research is to analyze growth and yield responses to different NPK fertilizer combinations and to evaluate the economic performance of potato production. Farmers trained by the PNSP program gave their potato fields as study sites. Twelve sites in Mbale, Kapchorwa, and Kween districts were verified, and soil samples were collected and analyzed to determine soil fertility and health. Different blends of micronutrients—nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and boron and zinc—were applied. Topdressing, harvesting, and data collection were done. NPK applications at a rate of 120 kg/ha recorded high growth and gave the maximum financial return.
Soil fertility, Smallholder farmer