A Dairy Processor Expansion Ambitions Set in Motion Dairy Development in Kenya

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This material presents an overview of the 2SCALE intervention in the dairy sector in Kenya. The dairy sector in Kenya is characterized by a high level of organization and interdependence between stakeholders in the value chain, with significant competition among dairy processing and retailing companies. Eldoville Dairies, a family-owned milk processing enterprise, sought support from 2SCALE to expand its operations and improve the quality and quantity of milk processed. The intervention focused on three interlinked chains: forage seed, fodder, and dairy processing. In the forage seed chain, partnerships were formed with seed companies and research organizations to improve the availability and quality of forage seed. The fodder chain intervention involved collaboration with animal feed producers and focused on training farmers in improved feeding and fodder conservation practices. The dairy processing chain aimed to enhance milk production and quality through training programs and the introduction of milk cooling technologies. The interventions improved forage seed availability, increased fodder production, and improved milk productivity and quality. Overall, the 2SCALE intervention demonstrated the importance of value chain collaboration and strategic activities to address dairy sector bottlenecks and improve production and processing efficiency.
Dairy farming, Value chains, Smallholder farmers, Partnerships
Njenga, D. 2017. A Dairy Processor Expansion Ambitions nbsp; Set in Motion Dairy Development in Kenya, Thematic paper, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) (Ed.), BoPInc., ICRA and IFDC, http://2scale.org/wp-content/ uploads/2017/12/2SCALE_paper3.pdf.