IFDC Magazine, Volume 40, No. 2

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This magazine explores the critical role of nutrition in achieving sustainable development goals and addresses the issue of hidden hunger that still affects billions of people worldwide. The focus is building healthy food chains by revolutionizing fertilizer technology and shifting from volume to value. The concept of a Nutrient Revolution, similar to the Green Revolution, is introduced to promote the production of nutritious crops. The magazine emphasizes the need for research and development organizations to identify appropriate nutrient needs for different crops and regions. It highlights the importance of secondary and micronutrients in crop growth and presents strategies to address their deficiencies. The transition from a commodity mindset to value-added products in the fertilizer industry is advocated as a solution to improve nutrition and achieve food security. The economic benefits of investing in nutrition-centred fertilizer research and the potential impact on global health and productivity are discussed. The magazine also reflects on the journey and evolution of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in its mission to drive sustainable development through fertilizer research and market strengthening. It also showcases successful projects and initiatives in Myanmar, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, such as adopting innovative farming practices and irrigation techniques. The magazine highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to address malnutrition and promote healthy crops for a healthier global population.
Trade Associations, Green revolution, Crops, Soil testing