The Role of Agribusiness in Advisory and Marketing Services in Mynmar

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The Fertilizer Sector Improvement (FSI) project has provided training on business management and agricultural-related products and technologies to agro-input retailers in the project regions (Ayeyarwaddy, Bago, and Yangon) and in Southern Shan State since March 2016. As of August 2017, the project trained 205 agro-input retailers. The training was developed to provide retailers with a broad understanding of small business management and subject-specific knowledge in their business areas. As the interface with farmers, dealers have the potential to provide technical advice to farmers on their products for sale and the products' use. This helps farmers choose the right quantity and the right quality products for their farms. To determine the impact of such training programs on the businesses of the agro-input retailers, FSI conducted a sample survey in the project regions and in Southern Shan. The result indicated that no retailers understood the costs analysis in the project regions before training, and only 18.5% understood it before training in Southern Shan. After training, 6.7-50% of trained retailers in the project regions enhanced their recordkeeping, and 7.4% in Southern Shan transformed from their traditional bookkeeping. The market share increased, on average, by 13.64 villages and 170.13 farmers after training in the project regions and 2.22 villages and 92.96 farmers in Southern Shan. The trained retailers are now able to calculate their net profit accurately. From 93.3% to 100% of trainees now keep inventory records in the project regions. In Shan, 92.6% keep good inventory records. About 40-64.3% in the project regions and 66.7% in Shan did not know Syngenta's "five golden rules" or systematically wear personal protective equipment (PPE) before training. Those sampled were divided into five categories based on how many farmers they shared information with: 1-10 farmers. 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, and 41-50. About 35.7-50% of trained dealers in the project regions and 33.3% in Shan shared the five golden rules with 41-50 farmers after training.
Win, Z.M. 2018. “The Role of Agribusiness in Advisory and Marketing Services in Myanmar,” IN Myanmar Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Management Conference Proceedings, pp. 181-193, IFDC and DAR, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.