IFDC Report, Volume 5, No. 1

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The Fertilizer Manual, a joint project between the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), has been completed and published. The manual aims to provide a comprehensive reference source on fertilizer production technology, economics, and industry planning for developing countries. It covers significant fertilizer processes, their requirements, advantages, and disadvantages and includes illustrative examples of economic evaluations. Compared to the previous manual, the new edition expands the treatment of phosphate and compound fertilizers, adds chapters on controlled-release fertilizers and the physical properties of fertilizers, and includes updated information on nitrogen fertilizers. Additionally, IFDC will conduct a regional fertilizer granulation seminar in Bangkok, focusing on multi-nutrient granular fertilizers in Asia. The manual is organized into five parts, covering the history of fertilizers, fertilizer production and transportation, characteristics of phosphate rock, fertilizer granulation plant organization and management, and planning a fertilizer industry. It also addresses topics such as pollution control, the economics of fertilizer production, and the challenges faced by the global fertilizer industry. IFDC offers various training programs and seminars on fertilizer marketing, fertilizer efficiency research, and maintenance management for fertilizer producers. These programs aim to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in their respective areas of responsibility. The report highlights IFDC's technical assistance to the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) in improving fertilizer supply and demand constraints and promoting equitable fertilizer use by farmers. It also describes IFDC's collaboration with Centro de Estudos de Fertilizantes (CEFER) in Brazil, providing technical assistance and training courses on fertilizer production technologies. Moreover, IFDC is involved in a feasibility study for developing phosphate rock deposits in Colombia, including market surveys and post-beneficiation processing.
Fertilizers, Phosphate minerals