IFDC Report, Volume 16, No. 2

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This report presents the development of a whole-farm decision-making model for Guatemala by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in collaboration with other institutions. The aim is to shorten the gap between research findings and the application of new agricultural technologies in farmers' fields. The model incorporates crop simulation models and includes a socioeconomic component to understand the complex constraints faced by small-farm production systems in developing countries. The scientists investigate farmers' decision-making process and the factors influencing their farming systems, such as social and cultural backgrounds, financial situations, and natural resource bases. The ultimate goal is to predict farmers' adoption of new technologies and identify potential conflicts with existing practices, as well as the necessary incentives for adoption. The report highlights the use of rule-based programs and qualitative data analysis to capture the diverse factors involved in farmers' decision-making. The model is built around crop simulation models for beans, maize, and sorghum. The findings from this project will contribute to a better understanding of technology adoption and facilitate the development of tailored agricultural solutions for small-farm systems in Guatemala and potentially other regions.
Agricultural technology, Technology adoption, Incentives