Digital Innovation Directory

This publication presents a collection of case studies on digital innovation in agribusiness partnerships implemented by 2SCALE. The case studies cover various areas of the value chain that can be digitized, including farmer payments, team operations, mass marketing, and serving low-income consumers. These case studies aim to inspire and provide ideas for digitizing agribusiness operations. The publication is intended for 2SCALE country teams, partnership facilitators, and business champions, catering to both those new to digital innovations and those with prior experience in digitization. The publication emphasizes the importance of selecting solutions optimized for all users and highlights potential barriers to adopting digital solutions, such as internet connectivity and digital proficiency. The publication also discusses the rapid digitalization of African agriculture, the opportunities digital solutions offer to agribusinesses, and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in accelerating the adoption of digital solutions. It also lists case studies of implemented pilots, explicitly focusing on the Arinifu Smart Brooder, highlighting its problem-solving capabilities, innovative features, benefits to farmers, and a summary of the pilot activities and objectives conducted with the technology
Agribusiness, Technology, Value chains