Comparison of Yield Response and Nutrient Use Efficiency between Urea Deep Placement Technology and Farmers' Practice of Surface Broadcasting Urea on Transplanted Lowland Rice in Myanmar

Urea deep placement (UDP) adaptation trials in randomized complete block design with four treatments and three replications were conducted in two wet seasons (2014 and 2015) and two dry seasons (2105 and 2016) at selected sites in the Delta Region of Myanmar to study yield comparison and nutrient use efficiency between UDP and surface broadcasting urea on transplanted lowland rice. The four treatments were: (1) control (0 N), (2) farmers' practice of urea application with farmers' rate (FP). (3) urea broadcasting (UB) with the same rate as UDP, and (4) UDP. A Generalized Linear Mixed Model was used to analyze variances among treatments, locations, and interaction of location by treatment for each year/season. Yield superiority of UDP over other treatments and nutrient use efficiency (NUE) for each urea applied treatment were calculated. Significant differences at Poon) were observed among treatments and locations in every year/season. Significant differences of interaction of treatments by locations at Pons) were found in wet season trials only. UDP gave the highest yield at all times. It was significantly higher than FP treatment and often higher than UB treatment. Yield superiority of UDP over UB and FP was 16-18% in the wet season and 24-28% in the dry season. Nutrient use efficiency with UDP was double the NUE with other N-applied treatments. UDP produced 30 kg of rice grain for every kg of N applied while other treatments produced 14-17 kg of rice grain per kg of N applied. UDP is therefore the more effective technology to apply N fertilizer on transplanted lowland rice, and dry season results indicated that yield with UDP could be expected more with best management practices under favorable water conditions and proper water management.
Deep placement, Nutrient use efficiency
Aung, M., Z.Y. Myint, S. Thura, G. Hunter, U. Singh, and J. Sanabria. 2018. “Comparison of Yield Response and Nutrient Use Efficiency Between Urea Deep Place Technology and Farmers’ Practice of Surface Broadcasting Urea on Transplanted Lowland Rice in Myanmar,” IN Myanmar Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Management Conference Proceedings, pp. 47-54, IFDC and DAR, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar