IFDC Report, Volume 11, No. 4

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Travis P. Hignett, renowned as "Mr. Fertilizer" and serving as Special Consultant to Dr Donald L. McCune, the Managing Director of IFDC, has been honoured with the Outstanding Service Award from the Fertilizer Industry Round Table. The award was presented during the Round Table's 36th Annual Meeting held in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 17, 1986. The Fertilizer Industry Round Table, established in 1951, convenes representatives from the global fertilizer industry to discuss current trends, challenges, and potential solutions. Hignett, a long-standing member of the Board of Directors, has played a significant role in the Round Table's evolution, particularly in expanding its international reach and collaboration with the European community. This report highlights Hignett's distinguished career, from his work at the U.S. Department of Agriculture to his tenure at the National Fertilizer Development Center (TVA) in Alabama. Throughout his 35-year career at TVA, Hignett led various projects, including producing aluminium from clay during World War II. Following his retirement from TVA in 1973, he joined IFDC as the Director of the Fertilizer Technology Division and later became the Special Consultant to the Managing Director. Hignett's contributions extend beyond his professional endeavours. With over 150 publications to his credit, including the widely acclaimed Fertilizer Manual, he has demonstrated his prowess as a skilled writer and effective communicator. His technical expertise and dedication to the fertilizer industry have earned him numerous accolades, such as the Francis New Memorial Medal from the Fertiliser Society of London in 1969 and the Merit Award from the American Chemical Society's Division of Fertilizer and Soil Chemistry in 1980. Travis P. Hignett's outstanding service and technical contributions to the fertilizer industry, farmers, and people worldwide have been recognized through this prestigious award. With his wife Kathleen by his side, Hignett continues to make significant contributions to the fertilizer sector, impacting the industry's development and advancement.
Fertilizer technology, Environmental control