IFDC Report, Volume 20, No. 4

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This report provides an overview of the IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Center) project to increase Bangladeshi farmers' agricultural productivity and market access. The project addresses the need for improved access to agricultural inputs such as high-yielding seeds, fertilizer, and machinery to boost crop yields and meet the growing food demands of the country's population. The report highlights the successful implementation of the Agro-Based Industry and Technology Development Project (ATDP), which builds upon the achievements of previous initiatives in privatizing fertilizer distribution and improving availability across the country. With the establishment of a private agribusiness sector, the project aims to reduce poverty by creating more productive employment opportunities in agriculture. Considering Bangladesh's population growth rate and the stagnation in food production per capita, the report emphasizes the importance of progress in agricultural production for the nation's future well-being. It underscores the potential impact of the IFDC project in increasing investment in agribusiness and creating competitive markets for agricultural products, benefiting both local agribusinesses and export markets. The report also highlights IFDC's involvement in other global initiatives, such as the Desert Margins Initiative, Soil, Water, and Nutrient Management Initiative, and Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Initiative. These initiatives address land degradation, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and reduce deforestation in various regions.
Agribusiness, Agricultural productivity