IFDC Magazine, Volume 40, No. 1

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This publication highlights the critical role of soil health in agricultural productivity and human well-being. Wendell Berry's perspective on the soil as the "great connector of lives" underscores the need for proper care and investment in soil for sustainable prosperity. The historical context illustrates the long-standing concern over soil degradation and the potential consequences for global food security. Innovative approaches like integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) have successfully replenished lost soil nutrients and boosted crop yields, thereby improving farmers' incomes. Including secondary and micronutrients in the ISFM approach further enhances crop and soil responses. The publication emphasizes the importance of balancing soil nutrition and acknowledges the role of public-private partnerships in developing affordable technologies to meet crop requirements. The urgency to strengthen and nourish the remaining soils is evident with an increasing global population and rapid urbanization. The publication calls for collective efforts from organizations and governments to drive innovations in soil health and ensure a sustainable future for Earth's 2 billion additional inhabitants. Reflecting on the history of IFDC, the publication outlines the organization's mission to develop fertilizer products tailored to tropical soils, emphasizing the importance of improving fertilizer use efficiency and affordability. The article concludes with recent developments in soil research and partnerships to promote fertilizer technologies, such as urea deep placement (UDP) and improved seeds, contributing to increased yields and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. By empowering farmers with sustainable agricultural practices, the publication envisions achieving global nutrition security and fulfilling lives for all.
Soil health, Deep placement