IFDC Report, Volume 4, No. 4

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This report presents an overview of a fertilizer marketing and distribution study conducted in Nigeria. The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has engaged the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) to assess the existing fertilizer distribution system, evaluate transport and storage capacity, and identify constraints affecting the supply and consumption of fertilizers. The study aims to develop a comprehensive fertilizer marketing plan that will ensure the efficient utilization of resources and provide an adequate internal outlet for the output of a proposed Nigerian fertilizer project. The study team, led by Mr L. B. Williams, IFDC Regional Coordinator-Africa, conducted an in-country field survey to gather relevant data. The team comprised economists, engineers, transportation specialists, and consultants with marketing, communications, government policy, and credit expertise. Nigerian consultants were also involved in specific assignments. The report highlights the IFDC Phosphorous Project, which focuses on developing a phosphorus management strategy for crops in acid-infertile soils of subtropical and tropical Latin America. The project explores alternatives to conventional soluble fertilizers by testing different forms of phosphorus, such as phosphate rock and modified phosphorus materials, for their agronomic effectiveness and cost-efficiency. The report also mentions recent arrivals and departures within the IFDC staff, including individuals from various countries who contribute their expertise in soil science, economics, engineering, and agricultural research. Furthermore, the report describes the Deep Placement method, a technique developed by IFDC to improve nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency in rice production. By deep placement of urea super granules, this method enhances nitrogen availability while maintaining the natural algal nitrogen-fixing system, resulting in increased rice yields compared to conventional application methods. Additionally, the report mentions a training program conducted by IFDC for production and maintenance engineers from FERTIMEX in Mexico. The program covered various aspects of fertilizer production and provided participants with valuable insights through field trips and discussions with industry experts.
Fertilizers, Phosphorus