IFDC Report, Volume 12, No. 3

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This report presents the design and implementation of an information system developed by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) for the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA), Colombia's national agricultural research institute. The information system aims to provide efficient fertilizer recommendations to Colombian farmers based on research results and soil-testing data. ICA's interest in this project arises from the Colombian government's increased emphasis on agricultural programs and the corresponding rise in fertilizer usage. With Colombia importing 60% of its 450,000 tons of fertilizer at approximately US $100 million, ICA is reorganizing its entities to improve input efficiency and provide enhanced fertilizer recommendations. Dr Julio Henao, a biometrician, visited ICA's facilities to evaluate research results, interact with researchers, and design the information system. The system includes computer programs to manage fertilizer experiment results, soil testing data, and other factors influencing fertilizer recommendations. It enables ICA to evaluate research results, collaborate with other institutions, and provide cost-effective fertilizer recommendations to farmers across different regions of Colombia. The successful implementation of this information system will support ICA's efforts in promoting efficient fertilizer use, enhancing agricultural productivity, and achieving sustainable agricultural development in Colombia. It will be a valuable tool for evaluating research, correlating research results with soil fertility factors, and ultimately assisting farmers in optimizing fertilizer applications to improve crop yields and profitability.
Information systems, Fertilizers, Farmers