Development of Soil and Terrain Digital Database for Major Food-Growing Regions of India for Resource Planning

Soil information system in SOTER (soil and terrain digital database) framework is developed for the IndoGangetic Plains (IGP) and black soil regions (BSR) of India with the help of information from 842 georeferenced soil profiles including morphological, physical and chemical properties of soils in addition to the site characteristics and climatic information. The database has information from 82 climatic stations that can be linked with the other datasets. The information from this organized database can be easily retrieved for use and is compatible with the global database. The database can be updated with recent and relevant data as and when they are available. The database has many applications such as inputs for refinement of agroecological regions and sub-regions, studies on carbon sequestration, land evaluation and land (crop) planning, soil erosion, soil quality, carbon and crop modelling and other climate change related research. This warehouse of information in a structured framework can be used as a data bank for posterity.
Chandran, P., Tiwary, P., Bhattacharyya, T., Mandal, C., Prasad, J., Ray, S. K., ... & Thakre, S. (2014). Development of soil and terrain digital database for major food-growing regions of India for resource planning. Current Science, 1420-1430.