Business as Unsual the 2SCALE Project: Highlights 2014

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The 2SCALE project is a five-year initiative focused on fostering partnerships in the agribusiness sector. By connecting small-scale farmers, entrepreneurs, and various stakeholders, the project aims to create networks that provide market opportunities, technologies, training, business support, credit, and insurance, ultimately facilitating profitable and sustainable agribusiness ventures. This publication highlights the project's impacts, including the involvement of over 1,600 companies engaged with 2SCALE farmers, the improvement in crop yields, income, and nutrition for more than 265,000 smallholder farmers, and the testing of innovative food products and marketing tools for low-income families. With funding from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2SCALE operates in 12 countries across sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on improving rural livelihoods, food security, and nutrition. Implemented by a consortium consisting of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), Base of the Pyramid Innovation Center (BoPInc.), and the International Centre for development-oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA), the project utilizes a market-driven approach and public-private partnerships to overcome barriers to market participation and empower small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs. Through its strategic focus on staple crops, fresh produce, oilseeds, and animal products, 2SCALE ensures the scalability and adaptability of its solutions across different countries. The project's success lies in the co-investment model, where private sector actors contribute two-thirds of the total budget, fostering sustainability and independence from project support. The publication also showcases examples of successful partnerships established by 2SCALE, such as collaborations with Heineken, Nigerian Breweries, and Psaltry International, which have facilitated market access, improved production techniques, and increased profitability for cassava and other agricultural commodities. Overall, the 2SCALE project demonstrates the transformative potential of public-private partnerships in driving inclusive and profitable agribusiness development, contributing to rural development, and addressing food and nutrition security challenges in Africa.
Food security, Technology, Partnerships, Agribusiness