Promo Fruits Benin: Agricultural Producers at the Heart of Agribusiness Development

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This report provides an overview of Promo Fruits, a pineapple processing company in southern Benin, and its journey from a cooperative to a limited liability company. The company's business model is sourcing pineapples from smallholder farmers and producing 100% natural pineapple juice for the local and sub-regional markets. The partnership between Promo Fruits and 2SCALE, a consortium supporting inclusive agribusiness, aims to improve smallholder pineapple producers' income and living standards and expand the company's market reach. The interventions by 2SCALE include upgrading processing facilities, aligning producer organizations with the business model, and providing technical support and training to improve pineapple quality and yields. The expansion plans of Promo Fruits include tripling processing capacity, diversifying products, and targeting new markets. The collaboration between stakeholders in the pineapple value chain and the support from 2SCALE have contributed to the success and growth of Promo Fruits, making it a key player in the pineapple juice industry in the region
Pineapple, Productivity, Value chains, Smallholder farmers