Access to Finance for Inclusive Agri-Business Development

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This material provides an overview of the financial landscape and access to finance for inclusive businesses (IBs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh. The Business Innovation Facility (BIF) Bangladesh, a UKaid-funded project, aims to support IBs with profitable core business activities benefiting the poor and disadvantaged. The material discusses the role of SMEs and agriculture in poverty reduction and economic growth, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in accessing finance. It examines the economic environment, the contributions of different sectors to GDP, and the overlap between agriculture and SMEs. Access to finance is crucial for empowering people and protecting them against economic shocks, and the material explores the importance of financial inclusion. It discusses the role of the government, banks, non-bank financial institutions, microfinance institutions (MFIs), and other finance providers in lending to SMEs and agriculture. The products and services offered by banks, MFIs, equity providers, and other finance providers are also discussed. The material provides insights into the issues faced by finance providers and suggests recommendations for clients to improve their credit readiness. It emphasizes the need for coordination between finance providers and third-party assistance to support potential clients. Overall, the material highlights the importance of enhancing access to finance for SMEs and agriculture to promote inclusive growth in Bangladesh.
Microfinance, Agriculture
Magaja, D., and O.G. Agai. 2017. “Access to Finance for Inclusive Agri-Business Development,” Paper presented at Inclusive Business Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands, by BoPInc., ICRA and IFDC, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) (Ed.).