IFDC Report, Volume 21, No. 1

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This report provides an overview of the activities and research conducted by two visiting scientists from Russia and Syria at the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) headquarters. Dr Svetlana Iretskaya from Russia and Dr Leila Ahmad Habib from Syria has been researching phosphate utilization and agricultural effectiveness under the supervision of Dr Sen H. Chien, IFDC Senior Soil Chemist. The report highlights their research focus, funding sources, and the potential impact of their findings on food production and foreign exchange savings. The report also discusses the role of IFDC in providing information services to the global fertilizer industry. The IFDC Fertilizer Market Information Group produces reports on fertilizer marketing data and capacity changes in the industry. These reports are valuable sources of information for fertilizer producers, importers, traders, investors, and policymakers. The report provides an overview of various publications and statistical reports produced by IFDC, covering topics such as fertilizer production, consumption, pricing, and market trends. Furthermore, the report highlights IFDC's assistance to Petroquimica de Venezuela S.A. (PEQUIVEN) in transitioning to a market-driven enterprise. The project aims to enhance PEQUIVEN's strengths, improve production efficiencies, and develop a customer-oriented sales force. The report presents the positive outcomes of this restructuring project, including increased fertilizer production capacity, improved production efficiencies, and enhanced cash flow. The report concludes with an update on the Albania Project, which focuses on fertilizer importation, market development for quality seed and crop protection chemicals, and the institutionalization of the agricultural input dealer network. The project has facilitated trade missions, joint ventures, and technical assistance to promote diversification in Albania's agro-processing and agricultural product marketing.
Phosphates, Food production