This War Will Claim More Lives through Hunger in Africa than Violence in Ukraine

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In the opinion piece "This War Will Claim More Lives through Hunger in Africa than Violence in Ukraine," Dr. Prem Bindraban examines the impending humanitarian crisis in Africa due to heightened hunger, potentially outweighing the toll of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The article underscores the vulnerability of African nations, where a significant portion of household income is spent on food, and a quarter of the population struggles with food security. The confluence of factors, including the impact of COVID-19 and disruptions in fertilizer supply due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, threatens to reduce food production by up to a third. The author critiques the historical neglect of African agriculture in favour of raw material export, a stance reinforced by global policies that curtailed agricultural support. As population growth accelerates, the article calls for a holistic approach to agricultural development in Africa, drawing inspiration from successful models in Asia. The importance of reasonable fertilizer use, sustainable land and water management, and international collaboration is emphasized to prevent worsening hunger and foster Europe and Africa's prosperity