Soil and Water Interventions for Strategic Programming for Food Security in the Western Sahel: The Case of Burkina Faso

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The Sahelian region faces immense challenges to safeguard the availability of sufficient food due to its poor biophysical conditions, exacerbated by population growth, urbanization and changing climate, which can all potentially destabilize the society. The prospects for the Sahelian region are discouraging, and resolution calls for change fundamental carrying capacity of the region, i.e., its potential ability to support plant Soil improvement and the timely availability of water are the most pressing production essential to coping with the huge spatiotemporal variability of resource availability. Successful pilots have been reported in this regard but have not reached sufficient scale to dem resolution of food insecurity. Therefore, this study will (1) describe the challenges, (2) quantify the spatiotemporal variability and possibilities for enhancing the production base of the Sahel, (3) present a concise in of successful pilots and programs, and (4) identify strategic partnerships among development donors, national governments, and agribusinesses to reach impact at scale building our insights around evidence from the Sahelian region, with Burkina Faso as a case country.
Agricultural practices, Food security, Productivity