Process and Product Considerations of Fluid Lime

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This material provides an overview of fluid lime's process and product considerations, focusing on its various applications and the challenges associated with its production and use. It highlights the widespread use of limestone in construction, agriculture, metallurgy, and chemical processes. The report discusses the importance of limestone in agriculture for raising soil pH and improving crop yields. It emphasizes the significance of limestone's particle size and chemical composition in determining its effectiveness in soil neutralization. The publication further explores the concept of fluid lime, which involves applying finely-ground limestone as a suspension, thereby eliminating dust during handling and promoting rapid reaction in the soil. It describes the equipment and mixing procedures involved in producing limestone suspensions, including the use of combination mixing-storage systems to address storage and handling issues. The document also explores the potential use of byproduct sources of limestone, such as precipitated flue dust from cement plants and waste materials from sugar refining and pulp and paper industries, as alternative raw materials for fluid lime suspensions.
Lime, Agriculture