A Versatile Source of Nitrogen

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The document focuses on the use of urea in solution and suspension forms. It highlights the temperature requirements and production rates for different nitrogen concentrations in urea solutions, emphasizing the cooling effect of urea dissolution and the need for external heat sources. It also discusses the production of urea-ammonium phosphate and urea-ammonium sulfate granules using solid urea as a feedstock. Additionally, the report explores the production of nitrogen-phosphate (NP), nitrogen-potassium (NK), and nitrogen-phosphate-potassium (NPK) solutions using urea, ammonium nitrate, orthophosphoric acid, polyphosphoric acid, and potassium chloride. It mentions the importance of maintaining proper N-to-P2O5 ratios and the role of supplemental nitrogen. The document highlights the challenges and recommendations for producing urea suspensions, including the need for periodic agitation during storage and the benefits of rapid cooling to achieve desirable crystal formation.
Suspensions, Urea