How To Prevent Segregation in Granular Bulk Blends

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Bulk blending is a widely adopted marketing system for granular mixtures in the United States and many other countries. This publications summarizes key findings and recommendations on preventing segregation in granular bulk blends based on a study of bulk blend plants and mixing equipment. The research identifies various equipment configurations and operational efficiencies, such as automated systems and mixers. It explores the challenges associated with mixer design, particle size distribution, and the impact of other materials on blend uniformity. The importance of using particle size analysis and implementing appropriate precautions during handling and application is emphasized. The study highlights the use of newer materials, such as granular monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and urea-ammonium phosphate (UAP) blends, which offer compatibility and storage stability advantages. Practical recommendations are provided to enhance the quality and uniformity of granular bulk blends, contributing to efficient and effective fertilizer application.
Urea, Mixers