Cost Comparison between Clear Liquids and Suspensions Fertilizers

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The study compares the costs of producing and using clear liquid and suspension fertilizers. The authors address the potential cost savings of using suspension fertilizers due to their ability to be made in higher-analysis grades. The analysis considers factors such as raw material costs, investment costs, fixed and operating costs, transportation costs, application costs, and the cost of refilling nurse tanks and applicators. The study concludes that in most instances, the total cost of producing, transporting, and applying suspension fertilizers is lower than that of clear liquid fertilizers. The cost difference ranges from significant savings for certain ratios to minimal savings for others. While suspensions offer economic advantages, they require more complexity in handling and storage. The authors recommend employing personnel experienced in the mixing and applying fluid fertilizers for marketing suspension fertilizers. Additionally, precautions should be taken to agitate suspension mixtures in storage. The study notes that suspensions are particularly beneficial for operators facing challenges meeting sales requirements during the fertilizer season. Overall, the study highlights the economic desirability of using suspension fertilizers in most cases but emphasizes the need for expertise in their handling and storage.
Micronutrients, Fertilizers