Recent Developments in Granulation III

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This document presents developments in granulation techniques discussed at the Management Seminar for Indian Fertilizer Executives by Frank P. Achorn, Head of the Process and Product Improvement Section at the Division of Agriculture Development, Tennessee Valley Authority. The document highlights the increasing number of granulation plants in the United States and abroad, with companies converting their small pulverized-mix plants to produce granular products. Various advancements are discussed, such as using TVA ammoniator-granulators, installing pre-neutralizers and scrubbers, and converting batch ammoniators to continuous granulators. The use of superphosphoric acid in small granulation plants to produce high-analysis grades is also explored. Additionally, the document describes different types of granulation plants, including small batch plants, conventional ammoniation-granulation plants, and up-to-date continuous ammoniator-granulators, along with their operational processes and benefits. Implementing innovative strategies to prevent material buildups on the ammoniator-granulator surfaces, such as rubber lining and flaps, is also addressed. These developments aim to improve granular fertilizer production's efficiency, productivity, and quality.
Product quality, Production