2003/04 IFDC Corporate Report

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This report highlights the establishment and achievements of the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), which was formed in response to the global food crisis of the 1970s. Recognizing the need for food-deficit countries to increase their food production, IFDC focuses on developing fertilizers and fertilizer practices suitable for tropical and subtropical regions. The center's initial goals included improving fertilizer efficiency, utilizing indigenous fertilizer resources, developing appropriate technologies, and providing technical support and training to developing countries. IFDC's work encompassed various areas, including nitrogen research and phosphate research. Nitrogen research aimed to minimize nitrogen losses from fertilizers and develop new fertilizer products and management practices for tropical and subtropical crops. Phosphate research focused on characterizing phosphate rock deposits, developing beneficiation techniques, and finding cost-effective ways to use indigenous phosphate resources. The centre's efforts contributed to increased agricultural productivity and reduced production costs in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, India, and Tanzania. IFDC also played a significant role in market development by promoting practical private agricultural input and output marketing systems. Notable successes include restructuring the fertilizer sector in Bangladesh, which led to self-sufficiency in rice production and substantial cost savings, and establishing a vibrant market economy in Albania's agricultural sector, resulting in increased crop yields and private sector-led growth. Furthermore, IFDC has been actively involved in technology transfer initiatives, assisting countries worldwide in implementing market-driven strategies and improving production efficiency. Examples include the successful restructuring of Petroquimica de Venezuela S.A. (PEQUIVEN) and its transition to a market-driven enterprise, leading to increased fertilizer production and significant cost savings. Overall, IFDC's multidisciplinary approach, technical expertise, and collaborations with international institutions and national organizations have contributed to developing and adopting sustainable fertilizer practices, increasing agricultural productivity, and promoting economic growth in developing countries.
Agricultural Inputs, Poultry