2011 IFDC Annual Report

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Agriculture plays a crucial role in Africa, offering significant opportunities for economic growth among rural communities. However, to achieve this growth, there is a need for substantial increases in agricultural productivity, greater integration of smallholder farmers into markets, and improved access to services and agricultural inputs. The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) supports small-scale farmers transitioning from subsistence to commercial farming through the Competitive Agricultural Systems and Enterprises (CASE) solution. CASE focuses on integrating smallholder farmers into value chains centred around specific crops or commodities. IFDC strengthens smallholder farmers while supporting the growth of agro-input businesses, processing industries, and marketing sectors. CASE's critical elements include agribusiness cluster formation, value chain development, and capacity-building for public and private institutions. IFDC's projects, such as the From Thousands to Millions (1000s+) and Accelerating Agribusiness in Africa - Bridge (AAA-Bridge), have successfully utilized the CASE solution in North and West Africa. These projects have linked hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers to markets and facilitated the establishment of agribusiness clusters. Through partnerships with significant agro-industries, IFDC has strengthened public-private collaborations and helped farmers increase their productivity and income.
Value chains, Deep placement