2012 IFDC Annual Report

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This report summarizes the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) strategic priorities and interventions in its efforts to support smallholder farmers in developing regions. The organization aims to facilitate the transition from subsistence to commercial farming, alleviate poverty, increase agricultural productivity, ensure food security, and improve nutritional health while protecting the environment. IFDC has developed a comprehensive strategic plan, which includes two primary objectives: 1) pioneering the development and dissemination of new technologies and practices related to plant nutrient performance, focusing on innovative delivery mechanisms for smallholder farmers worldwide, and 2) strengthening input and output markets to benefit smallholder farmers through the promotion of organized and efficient market systems, access to credit, and reliable market information. IFDC's interventions also encompass the development of more efficient fertilizer products, improving nutrient use practices, enhancing the efficiency of input markets, and improving the management capabilities and profitability of farm enterprises. The publication highlights specific projects and initiatives IFDC undertake in each intervention area, emphasizing the organization's commitment to sustainable agriculture, knowledge transfer, and private sector engagement.
Sustainability, Partnerships