New Processes and Products--Present and Future

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This document highlights the importance for manufacturers to stay updated on new fertilizer technology and how the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) field program aims to address this need. It presents statistics on the consumption of primary nutrients in Florida and predicts a continued rapid increase in their usage. The TVA program focuses on developing cost-effective methods for manufacturing, marketing, and distributing plant nutrients and improving fertilizer processes and products to lower overall costs. The document showcases examples of TVA's achievements, such as developing diammonium phosphate and ammonium polyphosphate-based suspensions, which offer lower prices and improved efficiency compared to conventional fertilizers. It also discusses the incorporation of micronutrients into fertilizer blends to minimize segregation issues and increase solubility. Additionally, the document explores the production of solid urea-ammonium phosphate and other potential products, addressing concerns related to nitrogen volatilization and introducing sulfur-coated formulations. TVA's research and development efforts in liquid fertilizers are outlined, highlighting the progression toward higher-analysis grades and the successful incorporation of micronutrients in suspension mixtures. The document concludes by emphasizing TVA's commitment to collaborating with fertilizer companies in Florida, offering technical assistance and expertise to support their operations.
Polyphosphates, Fertilizer technology