Improving African Food Security

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Food security remains a pressing issue in Africa, with the agricultural sector experiencing stagnation and limited food production. Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular, faces low land and labor productivity rates, resulting in insufficient cereal yields and declining per capita food production. This paper analyzes the reasons behind Africa's exclusion from the Green Revolution and emphasizes the continent's disadvantaged natural resource base and unfavourable socioeconomic conditions as major contributing factors. The paper highlights the need for agricultural intensification to combat food insecurity and increase productivity. It explores success stories that exemplify the potential for intensification strategies to transform African agriculture. Despite challenges related to agro-ecological conditions and socioeconomic contexts, exceptions such as peri-urban agriculture and market-driven intensification demonstrate the viability of external input usage and the importance of domestic markets. The paper underscores the need to develop market-oriented agriculture, improve resource bases, and promote sustainable practices to enhance food security in Africa.
Food security, Agricultural sector, Green revolution, Soil depletion