Feed the Future Soil Fertility Technology (SFT) Adoption, Policy Reform and Knowledge Management Project: Semi-Annual Performance Report October 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018

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This report provides an overview of the progress made toward achieving the objectives of the cooperative agreement (CA) between the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The CA aims to support the Bureau for Food Security's objectives, particularly those related to the Feed the Future (FTF) initiative. The report focuses on three main workstreams: developing and validating technologies, approaches, and practices; supporting policy reforms and market development; and addressing cross-cutting issues, including learning agendas and knowledge management. Under Workstream 1, IFDC continued to develop and validate technologies and practices that address nutrient management issues and promote sustainable agricultural intensification. This includes refining technologies to mitigate stress and improve nutrient use efficiency in crops grown in challenging environments. Activities such as adaptive trials, field experiments, and studies on nutrient use efficiency were conducted across various regions, particularly in submergence-prone areas in Ghana, stress-tolerant rice varieties in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar, and nutrient use efficiency in sub-Saharan Africa. Workstream 2 focused on supporting policy reforms and market development by conducting evidence-based policy analysis and impact assessment studies. The goal was to accelerate agricultural growth using improved technologies, particularly fertilizers and complementary inputs. Activities included documenting policy reform processes, conducting impact assessments of fertilizer subsidy and agro-dealer development programs, and performing economic studies to inform decision-making and identify policy-relevant interventions. The report also highlights the cross-cutting issues, including learning agendas and knowledge management. IFDC engaged in outreach activities and collaborated with U.S. universities to disseminate research outcomes and findings. These activities aimed to enhance knowledge sharing and build partnerships for agricultural development.
Nutrient use efficiency, Soil fertility, Technology, Knowledge Management