2001/02 IFDC Corporate Report

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This report highlights the IFDC's project in Afghanistan, which aims to ensure adequate supplies of high-quality fertilizers to Afghan farmers. The project is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and focuses on maintaining the stability of the agricultural market by allowing local dealers to distribute fertilizers. Through partnerships with NGOs such as the International Medical Corps (IMC), ACTED, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, GRSP, and Solidarites, over 70,000 farmers received fertilizer vouchers for an improved variety of wheat seeds. The vouchers were redeemed at local dealers, who IFDC reimbursed. The project involved the distribution of 3,500 metric tons of urea fertilizer across seven provinces in central, eastern, and northeastern Afghanistan. Farmers who receive the fertilizer will repay the cost to the local shura or town committee, which will utilize the funds for regional development initiatives. IFDC also addresses three main challenges: the lack of credit available to farmers, difficulties in transportation due to long distances and poor road conditions, and the need for knowledge regarding modern agricultural practices. The project not only provides training to farmers but also involves local dealers in educating their customers. Looking ahead, the project estimates the need for fertilizer in the fall of 2002 to support wheat cultivation on approximately 680,000 hectares of irrigated land. The overall objective is to contribute to Afghanistan's economic advancement and improve the quality of life for its people through agricultural development.
Agribusiness, Trade Associations