Fluid Fertilizers

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This material summarizes the content of Chapter 6 on fluid fertilizers, focusing on the term "fluid fertilizer" and its various forms, such as anhydrous ammonia, aqua ammonia, nitrogen solutions, liquid mixed fertilizers, and suspensions. The chapter primarily discusses the production and use of fluid fertilizers in the United States, although other countries are also identified. It highlights the increasing popularity of fluid fertilizers, particularly nitrogen solutions, and their advantages, such as low-cost raw materials, ideal fertilizer placement, micronutrient and pesticide-carrying capabilities, and ease of handling. The material also uses anhydrous ammonia, including its production, storage, dealer operations, and application methods. Safety considerations and precautions associated with handling ammonia are outlined. Additionally, the document mentions aqua ammonia as a safer alternative to anhydrous ammonia and describes its production, storage, and application. Finally, it discusses the growing use of nonpressure nitrogen solutions in the US and their preference over anhydrous ammonia.
Suspensions, Fertilizers