The Influence of Planting Dates and Field Management on Bulb Quality and Post-Harvest Losses of Onion

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The present investigation was carried out to study the influence of planting date and field management practices on bulb quality and post-harvest losses of onions in storage at Agriculture Research Farm of Kabul University. Different traits including fresh bulb weight, total soluble solids, firmness, rooting, sprouting, spoilage and marketable bulbs were studied in these trials. The data were statistically analysed with R software. The planting dates had significant effect on fresh bulb weight, sprouting, spoilage and marketable bulbs of onions. After 120 days of storage the greatest fresh bulb weight (111.64 g), marketable bulbs (77.52%) and the lowest sprouting (10.56%) and spoilage (11.92%) were recorded for the first planting date (10th May). Similarly, the lowest loss in total soluble solids was also observed under the first planting date. Field management practices did not have significant effect on bulb quality and post-harvest losses of onions. While delayed planting can significantly reduce onion bulb quality and increase sprouting and spoilage, early planting dates were more appropriate to reduce post-harvest losses.
Sprouting, Spoilage