Feed The Future Senegal DUNDËL SUUF Project Annual Report 2022

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The Feed the Future Senegal Dundël Suuf is funded by USAID/Senegal at the request of the Government of Senegal. It is being implemented by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) as part of the larger Feed the Future "Enhancing Growth through Regional Agricultural Input Systems" (EnGRAIS) project in West Africa. The activity contributes to the Senegalese government's goal of sustainably increasing production to achieve self-sufficiency in rice, maize, millet, sorghum, onion and potato, and even exporting surplus horticultural products. The objective of the Dundël Suuf activity is to improve soil fertility through the development and promotion of appropriate and environmentally sound fertilization products and technologies. The achievement of this objective requires three intermediate results: i) Development of improved and appropriate fertilizer formulas for the benefit of farmers ii) Dissemination and scaling up of proven environmentally sound fertilizer products and technologies (FDP, MD). iii) Improvement of the policy and regulatory framework of the fertilizer sector In this dynamic, the private sector will play an important role in improving the efficiency of supply systems to increase the availability and use of quality fertilizers in Senegal.
Productivity, Agriculture