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This report provides an overview of the International Fertilizer Development Center's (IFDC) initiatives to promote rural development and agricultural productivity in South Sudan, a developing country. The report focuses on projects and programs implemented between 2011 and 2023, including the A3-SEED, 2SCALE, and RASS programs. IFDC's mission is to combine innovative research, agricultural market expertise, and strategic public-private partnerships to develop sustainable technologies for managing soil fertility and increasing agricultural productivity. The objectives of the projects and programs implemented in South Sudan encompass various aspects of agricultural development, including establishing a well-structured seed sector, developing agricultural chains and market systems, and adopting climate-smart agriculture technologies. These initiatives aim to improve access to information on agricultural inputs, establish business linkages among stakeholders, reduce input procurement costs, increase the use of inputs, improve food security, and accelerate economic growth. The report highlights the results achieved through IFDC's interventions in South Sudan. These include identifying and training agro-dealers to provide better advice to customers, establishing demonstration trials to showcase the benefits of hybrid varieties and fertilizers, and distributing subsidized vouchers for farmers to purchase inputs. Scaling up these initiatives is also planned to reach more farmers and establish additional demonstration plots. Furthermore, the report introduces two ongoing programs: Triple A SEED and RASS. Triple A SEED, funded by the Netherlands Embassy, aims to enhance agriculture and agribusiness by supporting private-sector seed companies and improving seed production, marketing, and distribution. RASS, implemented in partnership with DAI and CARE and funded by USAID, focuses on improving food security, community resilience, and household recovery by integrating development activities with humanitarian efforts. The report emphasizes the importance of collaboration with government entities at the national, state, and county levels to align IFDC's projects with the country's agricultural policies and leverage government capacity. Efforts have been made to strengthen seed testing laboratories, develop seed quality and regulation strategies, and align with national policies and frameworks.
Climate-smart agriculture, Economic growth, Food security