Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Intensification: Global Options and Opportunities

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Innovations such as Conservation Agriculture (CA) systems and the resulting ecological understanding of sustainable production are leading a paradigm change in the food and agriculture system globally. The resulting impact is the opening up of new and more profitable ways of managing agricultural lands and improving livelihoods, of investing in agricultural land for commercial purposes, and enhancing and being rewarded for ecosystem services. Agriculture is no longer the sector to employ the poor and the uneducated. It is a place where greater technical and managerial skills are going to be demanded in order to save the human race and the planet. Agriculture has become a calling for everyone, especially the youth, to reengage and double their efforts to achieve and sustain food security, address agricultural land degradation, achieve more from less, and respond to climate change. We must concentrate on promoting all aspects of CA for the benefit of the farmer, wherever he or she may be farming, however poor or rich, small or large, as well for the society and the planet. All disciplines and people have a role to play because the option and opportunity, which we all must seize, is at the level of a paradigm change – like moving from a flat Earth mindset to a round reaching mindset. All aspects of the food and agriculture systems must be realigned to the new paradigm over the coming decades across the world.
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