Performance of Dry Fertilizer Applicators

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The introduction of bulk blending of granular fertilizer in the late 1940s led to the rise of custom bulk spreading and the popularity of spinner spreader trucks in the United States. However, the nonuniform application of fertilizers by spinner spreaders has created an opportunity for liquid fertilizer dealers. In recent years, equipment manufacturers have developed boomed dry spreaders that claim to provide the same accuracy and uniformity as liquid sprayers. This paper presents data comparing the performance of boomed and spinner spreaders, focusing on aspects such as uniformity, rate accuracy, range of application rates, ease of adjustment and calibration, and nutrient application uniformity. The data confirms that no single applicator excels in all aspects of performance. The paper also discusses machine designs, spread patterns, rate accuracy, the effect of speed on rate accuracy, and the segregation tendencies of different applicators.
Broadcasting, Coefficient of variation