Nanofertilizers: New Products for the Industry?

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Mineral fertilizers are key to food production, despite plant low nutrient uptake efficiencies and high losses However, nanotechnology can both enhance crop productivity and reduce nutrient losses. This has raised interest in nanoscale and nanoenabled bulk fertilizers, hence the concept of nanofertilizers. Nevertheless, large scale industrial production of panofertilizers is yet to be realized. Here, we highlight the science-based evidence and outstanding concerns for motivating fertilizer industry production of nanofertilizers, including the notion of toxicity associated with nanoscale materials; scant nanofertilizer research with key crop nutrients; inadequacy of soil or field-based studies with nanofertilizer; type of nanomaterials to produce as fertilizers; how to efficiently and effectively apply nanofertilizers at the field scale; and the economics of nanofertilizers. It is anticipated that the development and validation of nanofertilizers that are nondisruptive to existing bulk fertilizer production systems will motivate the industry's involvement in nanofertilizers.
Fertilizer technology, Fertilizer industry
Dimkpa, C., and P. Bindraban. 2017. “Nanofertilizers: New Products for the Industry?” Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, https://doi. org/10.1021/acs.jafc.7b02150.