Assessment of Productivity Level among Different Farmer Categories of Wheat Crop in Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh

India is the largest wheat producer country in the world while Madhya Pradesh is comes under five highest wheat producer states in India. The present study was conducted in Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh for assessed the productivity level of wheat crop grown by the different categories of farmers. We were select three districts for the study from Malwa region. Nine blocks was select from three selected districts and four villages were randomly select from each block. Nine farmers were select for each village therefore total 324 different categories farmers selected for study. Farmers are divided into three categories small, medium and large. The ex post facto research design was followed in this study. The result obtained from study that majority of wheat growers irrespective of the different categories of respondent the productivity was founded to be of a medium level. This might be on account of average to low level of education, scientific orientation, risk preference, knowledge and adoption level etc. It was found that the wheat growers varied significantly with respect to productivity level.
Knowledge, Productivity