Fluid Fertilizer Application Equipment

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This document provides an overview of fluid fertilizer application equipment, focusing on metering and pumping systems used in various agricultural applications. The material examines different types of equipment, their operational principles, and their effectiveness in delivering liquid fertilizers accurately and uniformly. The discussion begins with exploring two common methods of metering anhydrous ammonia, utilizing variable orifice meters and piston-type metering pumps. Details are provided on their functioning, including the maintenance of constant pressure and the role of diaphragms and springs. The document then explores different approaches for broadcasting non pressure solutions. It describes a truck-mounted system with a flooding-type nozzle, where application rates are adjusted based on pressure and air agitation. Another technique uses multiple nozzles and a recirculating pump, highlighting the challenges of achieving uniform application rates due to overlapping. Additionally, a slinger-type applicator is presented as an effective solution for suspensions. Row and pre-plant applications of nonpressure solutions are addressed, focusing on gravity-flow systems and constant head metering. The latter involves converting a drum into a metering system, ensuring airtightness, and utilizing an orifice disk for rate control. The material also discusses positive displacement pumps, such as piston-type pumps suitable for liquid fertilizers and aqua ammonia. It introduces squeeze pumps for row applications, where a liquid is drawn into rubber tubes and expelled through variations in roller speed. Internal gear pumps and roller-impeller pumps are examined as alternative positive displacement options. It also provides a concise overview of various fluid fertilizer application equipment, outlining their mechanisms, functionalities, and application suitability. It is a valuable resource for agricultural professionals seeking to understand and select appropriate equipment for precise and efficient fluid fertilizer application.
Liquid fertilizers, Pumps