The Role of the Engineer in Providing Technical Information

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This material highlights the evolving role of engineers in the United States fertilizer industry, specifically in providing technical assistance and information regarding the production, marketing, and application of various fertilizer products. Over the past few decades, the industry has undergone significant changes, transitioning from a byproduct-focused approach to a more chemical-intensive and technologically advanced sector. This shift necessitated the expertise of engineers to supply technical guidance in areas such as product formulation, process design, equipment recommendation, and storage and handling procedures. The material emphasizes the instrumental role of engineering field personnel in developing newer fertilizer products, such as granular triple superphosphate, as well as the introduction of high-analysis grades and micronutrient incorporation techniques. Furthermore, it discusses the engineers' involvement in designing and operating bulk blending plants and liquid cold-mix plants, which have revolutionized fertilizer marketing systems. The material also highlights the engineers' contributions to developing liquid suspensions and their efforts in conducting demonstrations and providing technical support for applying these innovative fertilizers. Additionally, it mentions the importance of technical service groups within fertilizer companies and the division of the United States into regions to ensure effective consumer assistance and support. The material concludes by recognizing the potential for engineers to provide technical services internationally and overcome challenges related to fertilizer production, transportation, distribution, and application.
Fertilizer industry, Product development, Liquid fertilizers, Micronutrients