Informing the Design of a Multistakeholder Platform in Ghana using Stakeholder Analysis and Social Network Analysis.

The fertiliser value chain in Ghana faces many challenges that limit its potential contribution to food production and food security in the country. This has necessitated discussions on the need to establish a multi-stakeholder platform to address existing value chain challenges. In preparation for this platform, this study conducted 31 interviews and identified 24 stakeholder groups in the fertiliser value chain using stakeholder analysis and social network analysis. We found that while many of the public sector stakeholders have a lot of power and show high interest in the fertiliser value chain, they usually face resource constraints in exercising their duties. Conversely, a majority of the private sector stakeholders have a high interest in fertilisers but do not have much power to influence decisions. Also, development partners are very powerful and resourceful, but practically, they have a temporary presence in the value chain. The study subsequently combined the results from stakeholder analysis and social network analysis and identified 19 critical stakeholders out of the initial 24 who can highly influence the initial planning and subsequent success of the platform. Lastly, the study identified challenges that the platform may face and the conditions to put in place to avoid/address these identified challenges. Overall, the study concludes that if the identified critical stakeholders are engaged and the platform clearly outlines its objectives and vision, it can address the challenges in the fertiliser value chain, contribute to the development of the general agriculture sector and improve food production and food security in Ghana.
Fertilizers, Analysis, Social network analysis
Aremu, T. B., Freeman, C. Y., Laamari, A., Iddrisu, Y., Atakora, W. K., & Bindraban, P. S. (2023). Informing the design of a multistakeholder platform in Ghana using stakeholder analysis and social network analysis. Outlook on Agriculture, 00307270231165323.