Enhancing Early Growth to Exploit Indigenous Soil P and Fertilizer P

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This study investigates the hypothesis that enhancing early plant growth can lead to a more efficient utilization of phosphorus (P) from both indigenous soil resources and P fertilizers. Phosphorus availability is a limiting factor for crop production globally, and substantial amounts of mineral P fertilizer are applied to sustain food production. However, the efficiency of P fertilizer use remains low, with considerable losses throughout the production chain. Furthermore, excessive P application can lead to P accumulation in soils. As P resources are finite, improving plant uptake ability becomes crucial. This report focuses on analyzing the impact of early root growth on enhancing plant P uptake, irrespective of soil P levels.
Crop production, Phosphorus
A.L. Smit, M. Blom-Zands tra, A. van der Werf and Prem S. Bindraban, 2013. Plant strategies and cultural practices to improve the uptake of indigenous soil P and the efficiency of fertilization. VFRC Report 2013/4. Virtual Fertilizer Research Center, Washington, D.C. 34 pp.; 4 tables; 6 figs.; 98 ref.