World Phosphate Deposits

This chapter delves into the global distribution, production, consumption, reserves, and future trends of phosphate rock (PR). PR, encompassing both unbeneficiated ores and concentrated products, primarily originates from sedimentary and igneous deposits. Sedimentary deposits, notably prevalent in Morocco, the United States, and China, constitute the majority of global production, with sedimentary francolite deposits being highly reactive for direct agricultural application. Igneous deposits, although less abundant, are found in various countries but typically contain less reactive fluorapatite. The chapter outlines world PR production, highlighting major producers and indicating a decline in direct application phosphate rock (DAPR) consumption over the years. Additionally, it examines global PR reserves and resources, emphasizing regional disparities and estimating potential resources suitable for direct application. Future trends suggest potential growth in production from certain regions and the possibility of discovering new deposits, including offshore reserves.
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