2007/08 IFDC Corporate Report

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Agricultural input dealers connect smallholder farmers to input and output markets. The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) implements programs that enhance the capacity of private sector networks to supply vital agricultural inputs to farmers at reduced costs. Producer organizations, representing farmers' interests and actively engaged in the value chain, often serve as agri-input dealers. Furthermore, developing robust market information systems is essential for commodity and input trade growth. IFDC's initiatives in market information systems aim to improve agricultural information generation, dissemination, and commercial use, enabling better monitoring of prices, production, trade, and the establishment of resilient commodity chains. This report highlights several IFDC projects and their accomplishments in different regions: 1. Agricultural Input Markets Strengthening Project (AIMS) in Mozambique: Promotion of private sector investment and competitive marketing of agricultural inputs. Key activities include business development, capacity building, technology transfer, and improved policies. Formation of an agro-dealers trade association and collaboration with regional partners. 2. Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program (APEP) in Uganda focuses on increasing farm productivity and improving the marketing of crucial food and cash crops. Training and technical support provided to agri-input dealers. Implement a fertilizer voucher program to improve smallholder farmers' access to inputs. 3. Marketing Inputs Regionally to Develop Agri-Input Markets in West Africa (MIR): Enhancing the affordability and accessibility of quality inputs in West Africa. Support for regulatory frameworks, association-building, and improved trade linkages. Initiatives to address bottlenecks in inputs for cotton production. 4. Agro-Dealer Network Development (AND) in Nigeria: Capacity building of agro-dealers in selected states. Implementation of a fertilizer voucher program and training on various topics. Efforts to improve access to subsidized fertilizer for smallholder farmers. 5. Strengthening Trade at the Regional Level in Agricultural Inputs in Africa (STAR): Focus on promoting regional input trade and market development. Capacity building, market linkages, and establishment of a market information system. Aims to reduce transaction costs and improve advocacy capacity. The report emphasizes IFDC's use of voucher programs to facilitate farmers' access to affordable inputs while supporting the growth of the private sector. Vouchers are "smart subsidies" that stimulate local markets and farmers' purchasing power. The material also underscores the importance of training and technical assistance in these programs, empowering agro-dealers and farmers to adopt new technologies and improve productivity.
Business enterprises, Capacity building